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      • AquaMAX is a major manufacturer of domestic water heaters for the Australian market.Available in gas & electric, Vulcan delivers top performance at a very affordable price.
      • Established in 1988, AquaMAX has committed to providing Australians with high-efficiency Electric Storage and 5 star rated Gas appliances and hot water systems Adelaide.
      • AquaMAX manufacturing plant is located in Moorabbin, Victoria and has produced over half a million water heaters since inception.
      • Focused on teamwork, innovation & expertise, AquaMAX has been able to succeed in a very competitive market due to a strong foundation and a ‘design for manufacturing’ philosophy.
      • The majority of machinery, equipment and components used to make Aquamax water heaters are designed in-house in Australia.
      • The AquaMAX Research & Development team are always on the lookout for ways to improve the performance of our water heaters especially with today’s high cost of energy.
      • AquaMAX is a proud winner of multiple awards over the years and remains the Stainless-Steel Cylinder experts in the hot water repairs Adelaide industry.

Electric Hot Water Systems

AquaMAX mains pressure, Electric water heaters offer flexible hot water delivery, available in sizes to suit most applications.

AquaMAX offers 2 different types of Electric water heaters. Electric Vitreous Enamel range comes with a 10 or 7 Year cylinder warranty. They are made of steel and lined internally with vitreous enamel, which is essentially fired glass, for protection, and is suitable for most water quality types including hard water found in regional areas. 

Alternatively, you can opt for the superior performance of stainless steel in the new AquaMAX Stainless Steel Electric water heater range. These water heaters are up to 50% lighter and come with 12 Year cylinder warranty.

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

AquaMAX Five Star Gas water heaters have options to cover most needs.
As these units are mains pressure, they can keep up with high demands. When you turn on the second, third or fourth tap, the hot water flow remains at mains pressure levels.

Leading Design: AquaMAX Gas storage units 270L, 340L & 390L, come in high quality, Stainless Steel cylinders which store heated water at higher temperatures than standard water heaters and come with 12 Year cylinder warranty.

Compact Gas Efficiency 270L: Featuring the latest burner technology, the AquaMAX Stainless Steel 270L Gas storage water heater sets a new standard in compact storage water heating, with a 12 year cylinder warranty and excellent heating efficiency.

Stainless Steel Hot Water Systems

AquaMAX Stainless Steel Water Heaters are considered the premium range of water heaters on the market due to their superior design and quality stainless steel cylinder providing the unit with greater resistance to corrosion. AquaMAX offers Stainless Steel water heaters in selected Gas and Electric models, all made right here in Australia at our award-winning manufacturing plant.

Long life: Stainless Steel water heaters are built to last and come with a 12-year cylinder warranty.

Lighter: Significantly lighter than water heaters with conventional vitreous enamel cylinders making them easy to transport.

No Anode: Stainless Steel cylinders DO NOT require a sacrificial anode to prevent corrosion. This means there is no need for inspection or replacement of anodes, saving time and cost in maintenance over the life of the water heater.

Browse our AquaMAX collection to choose the best hot water system for your family. To install an AquaMAX Hot Water System, you will need a qualified plumber Adelaide. Get in touch with Anytime Plumbing Adelaide – your local AquaMAX technician and ensure your installation is done right.

AquaMAX G270SS Gas Storage Hot Water System
AquaMAX G340SS Gas Storage Hot Water System
AquaMAX G390SS Gas Storage Hot Water System
AquaMAX 50L Mains Pressure Electric Storage Hot Water Heaters
AquaMAX 80L, 125L or 160L Mains Pressure Electric Storage Hot Water Heaters
AquaMAX 250L Mains Pressure Electric Storage Hot Water Heaters

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