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Stable & Sustainable Solar Hot Water System

Heating water can be very expensive especially if it relies on natural gas or electricity.  Many households still heat their water using electricity which is the most expensive way to heat water. Additionally, as per many industry reports, Australian homes use up huge amounts of energy to heat water that adds up to greenhouse gas emissions. Gas and electric water heaters may be cheap to install but have a detrimental effect on the environment and are uneconomical in the long run due to high energy consumption.

On the other hand, solar water heaters use solar energy from the sun to generate heat – not electricity – which can then be used to heat water for your household.   Depending on the area and climate you live in, solar hot water systems can meet up to 90% of your hot water needs without generating any greenhouse emissions and using a free source of energy – sunlight.
Solar water heating systems are a great way to reduce carbon footprint and high energy costs for heating water on a daily basis. Rather than relying on fossil fuels and expensive alternatives, you convert freely available solar energy to heat water.

Solar Panels & Hot Water

      • Solar hot water systems consist of solar thermal or collector panels and a storage tank.
      • With application of solar thermal panels, the sun’s energy is used to heat water which is stored in a hot water tank and drawn on when required.
      • Solar panels must be installed in an ideal location for best performance and efficiency.
      • All solar hot water systems come with an electric or gas booster element in the tank to keep the water hot on days with less sunshine.
      • Solar hot water systems are comparatively expensive and time-consuming to install, but a well-chosen system will pay for itself in the long run due to very low running costs.
      • Take advantage of Government rebates and other incentives that can help greatly reducing the up-front cost of going solar.

Browse our solar hot water system options available or give a call to John on to discuss your hot water requirements in detail.

Reasons to Rely on Solar Hot Water System

      • Free energy: enjoy free energy from the sun
      • Save: and protect yourself from rising energy costs by saving hugely in water heating bills
      • Offset investment cost with government rebates
      • 24/7 access to strong hot water
      • An energy-efficient and environment-friendly option that helps lower your carbon footprint
      • Efficient solar hot water service can also add value to your home.

If you are considering going solar, it is a good idea to get a qualified and approved solar installer to view your house and check your roof for suitability and also to check how efficient your solar panels will be.

Solar Hot Water System Installation Adelaide – Call John 0499 913 174

If you’d like more information on solar hot water systems or you think you are ready to switch from existing hot water system to a solar system, call John of Anytime Plumbing Adelaide on 0499 913 174 and he will be ready to help across Adelaide. Annual maintenance of your existing or new installation of a solar hot water system is highly recommended. Or if you ever get stuck with a broken solar hot water system and need professional service, please feel free to also give us a call. Anytime Plumbing Adelaide offers 24/7 emergency service and can repair any make or model of solar hot water system.

Our plumbers are professionals and specialists in hot water systems. Being an owner-operated company, be rest assured to get personalised service with Anytime Plumbing Adelaide. John is a fully qualified, professional plumber and licensed gas fitter, which means he can take care of your hot water system work from start to finish.  Do not delay. For any hot water system repair, service and installation job call Anytime Plumbing Adelaide on for fast response and top-rated service. 


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