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Driven to create comfort, for the last 45 years, Rinnai has been making the lives of Australians more comfortable and convenient with the reliability of its top-quality hot water appliances. Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rinnai Japan Corporation, a listed company headquartered in Nagoya Japan. Rinnai Australia supplies some of the world’s leading products sourced locally from Australia, and from Rinnai’s over 40 manufacturing facilities in Japan and around the world.

  • With a range encompassing gas heaters and hot water systems Adelaide, their products are renowned for high efficiencies, water conservation, safety and reliability that you can rely on to serve your lifestyle.
  • In Australia, Rinnai has three world-class manufacturing facilities located in Victoria and South Australia, supported by a large national sales and distribution network.
  • The Australian business has become a ‘centre of excellence’ in specific technologies for Rinnai Corporation globally and engages significant R&D and product development activity on behalf of Rinnai subsidiaries across the world.
  • Today Rinnai has grown to become one of Australia’s leading industry suppliers and innovators for Hot Water as well as a trusted household name synonymous with reliability and quality.
  • Rinnai Australia’s hot water products extend across a broad category base covering
  • Rinnai Australia has built a number of iconic product brands including the famous:
        • Rinnai Infinity
        • Hotflo
        • Equinox
        • Brivis Wombat
        • Buffalo
        • Energysaver
        • APAC to name a few, all of which have become household names in Australia and in markets to which Rinnai Australia exports.

Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water System

      • In the early 90s Rinnai forever changed the way Australians enjoyed hot water
      • With the launch of the country’s first fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water systems, Rinnai took the hot water systems industry by a storm
      • It was a revolutionary leap that provided total confidence and comfort by knowing that your hot water would never run out
      • It was called the Rinnai Infinity range

Rinnai Hot Water Storage System

      • Rinnai’s range of Single and Twin element storage tanks are ideal solutions for easily replacing existing storage tank installations.
      • The complete range and mix of sizing options ensure there is a hot water repairs Adelaide tank right for your application.
      • Available in electric, gas, all-in-one heat pump and split pump variations.

Rinnai Solar Hot Water System

      • Living in Australia, it only makes sense to harness the clean, inexhaustible and free supply of energy from The Sun.
      • Rinnai’s range of highly efficient solar hot water systems helps reduce your carbon footprint whilst enjoying savings.
      • To ensure there’s always hot water for those not so sunny days, an electric or gas booster is added to the system.  

Rinnai's Values

      • Customer-first
      • Exceeding expectations
      • Excellence and innovation
      • Trust and encouragement
      • Involvement and inclusiveness
      • Environmentally responsible products and services
      • Integrity

To install a Rinnai Hot Water System, you will need a qualified plumber Adelaide. Get in touch with Anytime Plumbing Adelaide – your local Rinnai Approved Plumber and ensure your installation is done right. From the first phone call to efficient job completion, we never overlook any detail along the way. Anytime Plumbing Adelaide crew strives to make your experience hassle-free and stress-free. At Anytime Plumbing Adelaide we understand the need for prompt, reliable, around-the-clock service and that’s what we specialise in, so give us a call today.

Rinnai Infinity B16 Gas Instantaneous/Continuous Flow
Rinnai Infinity B20 Gas Instantaneous/Continuous Flow
Rinnai Infinity B26 Gas Instantaneous/Continuous Flow
Rinnai Infinity 26 TOUCH
Rinnai HotFlo 25L/50L Electric Storage – Mains Pressure
Rinnai HotFlo 80L Electric Storage – Mains Pressure
Rinnai HotFlo 125L Electric Storage – Mains Pressure
Rinnai HotFlo 160L Electric Storage – Mains Pressure
Rinnai HotFlo 250L Electric Storage – Mains Pressure

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