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Have you noticed a sudden increase in your water bill? Do you have a leaking tap at your house? Did you know leaking taps add up to hundreds of dollars to the water bill in the long run?  Not only is that an unnecessary expense but it’s a significant waste of water. A lot of homeowners often ignore a leaking tap and go on with their lives. A leaking tap is inexpensive and easy to fix in initial stages. If it gets serious then the tap would need replacement and also end up wasting lots of water, adding up to your water bill and repair cost. It may not seem too big a problem, but a leaking tap can grow into a full-blown emergency if left unattended.  At Anytime Plumbing Adelaide we ensure cost-effective and long-term leaking tap repairs Adelaide.

Reasons Taps Leak

A leaking tap can be frustrating to deal with. There are a number of reasons why your tap could be leaking. But you don’t have to deal with any of it. Anytime Plumbing Adelaide is here to save you time and energy. Some of the reasons for a tap leak include:

      • Corroded or damaged washer
      • Wear and tear of the cartridge (responsible for the flow of water
      • Wear and tear or mineral build-up in the valve seat
      • Loose parts within a tap can also cause a light drip to a stronger leak
      • Excessive water pressure could be the cause of that leaky tap
      • Corrosion, cracks or damage in pipes can cause high pressure causing leaks to occasional drips

It does not seem to be a big problem to have a leaking tap at home. We often ignore it and go on with our lives. A leaking tap can be very expensive in the long run because, at its initial stages, it can easily be fixed by a professional. If it gets serious, then the tap will need a replacement.  

With Anytime Plumbing Adelaide you never have to DIY your tap leak repairs again. Attempting to repair your own taps can potentially worsen the situation. It’s not worth the risk, so if you have a leaking tap that needs attention, call a skilled plumber today. At Anytime Plumbing Adelaide we will find the best possible plumbing solution that has been tailored to your problem.  Call our master plumber John on 0499 913 174 to book an appointment for same-day service.


      • Anytime Plumbing Adelaide is dedicated to catering to all your plumbing requirements with utmost care and professionalism.
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      • Whether you have a leaking kitchen tap or a faulty toilet tap, we will ensure it is repaired with the utmost care and professionalism.
      • Get in touch with us to get your leaking tap fixed and to help you reduce the water wastage.


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