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What is Backflow and How Does It Occur?

The water supply is designed to deliver water to any property under pressure to ensure your taps always have constant water flow. When the pressure drops the water can flow back to the main water supply. This process where fluids are reversed causing it to enter the primary water supply pipes of a property is called backflow. When backflow preventers are not present, the water in supply pipes flow the wrong way or reverses and mixes with a source of pollution. Reversed water gets contaminated with raw sewage, fecal matter, chemicals and other harmful effluents. Backflow situation can be high-risk to the health of the residents and safety or your property and lead to long-term health issues if not managed timely by a backflow preventer. Hence, it is imperative to maintain water pressure in your property and keep inspecting it from time to time to ensure its effectiveness. Some common causes of backflow include:

      • DAMAGE: Water main issues such as cracks or disruption.
      • DROP IN PRESSURE: When there is a drop in water pressure during periods of extremely high water usage.
      • WATER USE: When downstream pressure becomes greater than the supply pressure then the water is forced backward through the pipes.
      • HIGH PRESSURE: a higher water pressure on your property than the one supplied by the water authority.
      • ELEVATED WATER OUTLET: an elevated water outlet that is higher than the water main will also cause backflow.

Why is Backflow Prevention Needed?

Backflow prevention is a crucial part of protecting a clean supply of water to households. It stops potential contamination of the mains water supply. A backflow device is essential to ensure the flow of water is not reversed on a property – residential or commercial – due to a change in pressure. Backflow prevention system ensures that the potable water supply system in any household or business is kept free of and protected from any contamination. Nonpotable water does not always mean sewer or drain pipe. It could simply be clean water for other functions that do not include water for human consumption such as swimming pools, garden hoses, hot tubs, irrigation systems etc. and should not be mixed with clean, drinking water or it can cause health problems for the residents.

Is Your Backflow Prevention Device Risk Assessed?

As per the local water authority legislation, having a backflow prevention device could be essential to have on your property. If you already have a device installed, as your responsibility towards the well-being of your family, it is highly recommended to have it tested regularly (annually) and maintained so there are no fails in backflow prevention. We have the right knowledge and experience of all backflow situations and are fully equipped to ensure your water supply stays clean and clear. We can repair, test and install backflow prevention system on your property to make sure your clean water supply doesn’t get contaminated in the future.

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