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Thinking About Installing A Gas Storage Hot Water Systems Adelaide?

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      • Gas storage hot water systems are Adelaide’s most common residential hot water systems that have been providing 24/7 hot water to numerous families.
      • Gas hot water systems are considered a lot more efficient than electric hot water systems.
      • Gas storage hot water systems are a good option for medium to large families if you have the gas connection for it.
      • Running cost of Gas hot water systems is cheaper than electricity.
      • Gas systems are usually installed outdoors due to venting requirements but some smaller models can be installed indoors with a flue.
      • Have an energy efficiency star rating and high rated units are environment-friendly options that help reduce the carbon footprint.
      • Anytime Plumbing Adelaide has many years of experience in gas storage hot water system installation, gas storage hot water system repair and gas storage hot water service.
      • Honest and reliable, we can help you choose the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for your hot water system needs based on hot water usage in your household.

How Do Gas Storage Hot Water Systems Work?

      • Storage Gas Hot Water Systems heat the water with a gas burner located underneath the storage tank.
      • Water remains due to a continuously burning pilot flame that ignites the main burner when hot water is needed.
      • Exhaust fumes are released using a flue.
      • As the water heats, it rises to the top of the tank. When hot water is required, the outlet valve at the top of the tank where the water is at its hottest is opened.
      • When hot water is drawn off at the top of the tank, cold water enters the tank at the bottom and the heating process is repeated.
      • Most storage units have an adjustable thermostat to set the water temperature.
      • Storage hot water systems come in a range of tank sizes from about 90 litres to 300 litres.

Plan B - Alternatives to Gas Storage Hot Water Systems?

If you want to conserve energy; if space is an issue and you would like a compact hot water system; if you would like to spend less on the new hot water system or have less hot water requirement then consider installing an instant gas hot water system. These new-age systems are more cost-efficient, more energy-efficient as they heat up water only when needed and come in smaller sizes and compact form-factor. If gas connectivity is an issue, then please browse our range of electric storage hot water systems which are also great options and very cost-effective for your hot water needs.

Repair or Replace?

When in doubt, trust the best. Anytime Plumbing Adelaide hot water technicians are experts in gas hot water systems. Our plumbers are highly skilled in all gas hot water heater repairs and replacements. We will be able to repair or replace your gas storage or gas continuous flow system, the same day. If your hot water system is broken down, we offer prompt service, come equipped with all tools and gadgets and can provide you with the industry best new hot water system depending on your hot water requirements.  Trust us for honest advice as we will try to repair your gas hot water heater before offering a replacement system.

We respect your time and money and will not advise a new hot water system if the existing one can be fixed.  And if a replacement gas hot water heater is required, we will help you make an informed decision on the best one available in the market at an affordable price. We work with most leading hot water system brands and types including gas storage, gas continuous, electric, solar and heat pump.


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