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Blocked Drain Repairs - Adelaide, All Areas, 24/7

Blocked drains can occur in any property, old or new, and can be caused by several reasons, including:

      • Cracked or sagging pipework from earth movements
      • Incorrect installation
      • Corrosion from age or chemicals being poured into sinks
      • Tree root intrusions
      • A back-up of leaves and branches from not clearing gutters
      • Leaves, dirt, and debris being washed into drains during heavy rain
      • Hair, food, oil and grease being washed down sinks
      • Sanitary products, nappy wipes, or excessive toilet paper being flushed down toilets
If you notice any signs of a blocked drain call the experts from Anytime Plumbing Adelaide on 

0499 913 174.  If a partial blockage can be rectified before the drain becomes completely blocked this can save valuable money and time.

Once a drain is completely blocked the water will usually begin to backflow through your toilets or sinks. A blocked sewer drain can be a major health concern, as can a blocked stormwater drain. 

Signs of a Blocked Drain Include:

      • An unpleasant odour from your drains
      • Hearing gurgling sounds in your sinks or tubs
      • Slow draining in the bathroom, laundry, or kitchen 
      • Water backflow from your drains or toilets
      • Your toilet water level seems too high or too low

Anytime Plumbing Adelaide has the right tools to quickly clear and repair your blocked drain – CCTV camera inspections, electric eels, and high-powered hydro jetting.

For a same day blocked drain repair in Adelaide, covering all metro suburbs, call us any time on 0499 913 174 or fill in our online booking form and receive a discount* on our service.

When you call us for your blocked drain repair you can expect us to be at your home or office on time, a $0 call-out fee, pensioner discount, impeccable customer service with a smile, and quality workmanship guaranteed.

Burst Pipe Repairs in Adelaide from Only $89

Only a qualified, licensed and insured plumber Adelaide should repair a burst or leaking pipe. Trust the professionals to get the job done, trust Anytime Plumbing Adelaide.

We are prompt, proficient, and reliable and can repair your leaking or burst pipe in Adelaide – all metro areas, with a same day service.

Should you experience a burst pipe in the middle of the night we also provide emergency plumbing Adelaide. Anytime Plumbing Adelaide are there when you need us, any time!

A leaking or burst pipe is a major frustration to any home or business owner, and the last thing anyone wants is to add any structural damage into the mix. This is why we highly recommend that you turn off your water at the mains while you wait for your experienced plumber to arrive.

When a pipe bursts, it’s quite obvious as there will be an overflow of water associated with this. But a leaking pipe can often go undetected for some time.

Warning Signs that a Leaking Pipe may be Present on Your Property:

      • Damp or mouldy stains on walls, ceilings, or floors
      • The smell of mildew in a room
      • Your ceiling looks like it’s sagging or misshapen
      • Hearing the sound of water running or dripping when all faucets are off
      • Water accumulation in your yard
      • Cracks appearing in your exterior concrete or loose pavers
      • Increased water bills, with no obvious cause

Anytime Plumbing Adelaide will attend to your burst pipe or leaking pipe on the same day as your booking*.

We do not charge a plumber call-out fee and provide fixed price quoting at highly competitive terms.  We also assist with pensioner discounts and guarantee quality workmanship and proficiency.

Backflow Prevention – Adelaide, Testing & Maintenance

Anytime Plumbing Adelaide provides backflow installations, testing, and repairs.  If you have a backflow prevention device this does need to be tested every year by a fully qualified and licensed plumber. It is imperative that we protect our water from contamination.

If there is a cross-connection within water pipes and water flows back from a customer’s property into our water main, this is backflow. A backflow prevention device needs to be installed if this is the case to stop pollution of our water supply.

Anytime Plumbing Adelaide has the right expertise in backflow prevention, testing, and maintenance.

Contact John from Anytime Plumbing Adelaide today on 0499 913 174 or simply complete our online booking form.

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