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      • Bosch has had a presence in Australia since 1907, opening its first wholly-owned subsidiary, Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd in 1954.
      • Bosch headquarters and technical centre is in Clayton, Victoria. Bosch Australia’s activities are operated through six wholly-owned subsidiaries and include Mobility Solutions, Industry Technology, Consumer Goods and Energy and Building Technology.
      • Bosch Australia has more than 100 years of delivering hot water expertise.
      • Find a simply revolutionary solution for hot water repairs in Adelaide for your home with Bosch’s extensive range of gas continuous flow systems, electric storage tanks, and heat pumps.
      • Bosch Thermotechnology has been operating globally for over 125 years, ensuring people are warm and comfortable in their homes with efficient, easy-to-use and reliable appliances.
      • Today Bosch offer solutions for indoor climate, hot water, and decentralised energy management with a focus on intelligent and connected technology.

Why Choose Bosch?

      • Quality comes from experience: All Bosch products are manufactured to highest possible standards, using only premium quality materials. The company undertakes quality and endurance testing for all products under continuous usage conditions to further strengthen the customer’s piece of mind. No single appliance leaves Bosch factory until it has been proven to meet the high standards of quality, performance and sustainability.
      • Top performance: Bosch has been setting trends in hot water for more than 80 years and the company’s desire to continually improve is what drives the innovation and leadership every day. Bosch team strives to make the best even better, by developing functional, durable and energy-efficient innovations that surpass all expectations. 
      • Maximum convenience: Bosch is dedicated to making your life easier. Its innovative hot water appliances provide convenience, while sophisticated features deliver best results every time.
Find a simply revolutionary solution for hot water in your home with Bosch’s extensive range of gas continuous flow systems, electric storage tanks, and heat pumps.

Bosch Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water System

Gas Continuous Flow hot water systems Adelaide provide the unlimited volume of hot water from a compact efficient appliance that operates only when hot water is required. With a wide range available, there is a solution to suit every household size and needs. 

Bosch Electric Storage Hot Water System

Enjoy lower upfront installation costs and take advantage of off-peak electricity rates with our wide and customisable range of electric storage water heaters. 

Bosch Heat Pump Hot Water System

Energy-efficient and low running costs for energy and cost-conscious homeowners. With no solar panels required, take advantage of already existing solar systems, cheaper overnight electricity rates, and generous government rebates. 

Bosch Service & Warranty

To get the most out of your appliance, Bosch recommends that an appliance service and safety inspection is conducted every two years. Bosch expert service technicians are trained in the operation of our appliances and have access to genuine Bosch spare parts. To arrange for service within and outside of warranty, please follow the appropriate links below.

Bosch Sustainability & Commitment to the Environment

Environmental protection is a fundamental corporate strategy of the Bosch Group. The quality of our products, their efficiency and environmental safety are all of equal importance to us and all environmental protection legislation and regulations are strictly observed. In both product development and manufacturing, Bosch is working on minimizing the environmental impact of its activities and continuously improving environmental protection.

To install a Bosch Hot Water System, you will need a qualified plumber Adelaide. Get in touch with Anytime Plumbing Adelaide – your local Bosch plumbing technician and ensure your installation is done right. From the first phone call to efficient job completion, we never overlook any detail along the way. Anytime Plumbing Adelaide crew strives to make your experience hassle-free and stress-free. At Anytime Plumbing Adelaide we understand the need for prompt, reliable, around-the-clock service and that’s what we specialise in, so give us a call today.

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