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Instantaneous or Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous or continuous flow gas hot water systems, as the name suggests, heat water instantly when needed and do not have storage tanks. Gas instant hot water systems have many benefits for your home and your budget and are a great option to consider for small to medium families or when you want a more cost-efficient and energy-efficient option for your hot water needs.

How Does Gas Continuous System work?

      • Instant or continuous gas hot water units provide a continuous flow of hot water and are tankless in design.
      • The instantaneous hot water system may be called either instant, continuous or instantaneous as the water is heated by a gas burner as it flows through a coiled pipe called a heat exchanger.
      • The water is slowed down as it flows through the heat exchanger allowing for enough time for thorough heating.
      • Depending on the model instant or continuous gas hot water systems can deliver hot water at flow rates per minute of between 10 litres and 30 litres.
      • The gas burner does not burn continuously (like gas storage system) and starts only when a hot water tap is turned on.
      • It only heats the amount of water that is required instead of continuously heating a full tank.
      • As instant gas hot water doesn’t store any hot water, there is no heat loss from a tank and so can have more energy-efficiency and greater cost savings.

Benefits of Instant Gas Hot Water

      • No wasted power
      • No wasted energy
      • Cheaper operating costs.
      • Heats only when you need it
      • Away on holidays or just at work? No wasted power maintaining hot water when it’s not needed
      • Flexible options and models for different hot water requirements
      • Compact and can be installed indoor or outdoor
      • Reduced water wastage
      • Continuous hot water
      • Long-lasting water heater
      • Easy operation
      • Reduced maintenance requirements

Repair Instant Gas Hot Water System - Call John 0499 913 174

Anytime Plumbing Adelaide experts are able to repair or replace your gas continuous flow system, the same day. If your hot water system is broken down, we offer prompt service, come equipped with all tools and gadgets and can provide you with the industry best new hot water system depending on your hot water requirements.  Trust us for honest advice as we will try to repair your gas hot water heater before offering a replacement system.

We respect your time and money and will not advise a new hot water system if the existing one can be fixed.  And if a replacement gas hot water heater is required, we will help you make an informed decision on the best one available in the market at an affordable price. We work with most leading hot water system brands and types including gas storage, gas continuous, electric, solar and heat pump.

Need Expert Instant Gas Hot Water Help?

Instant Hot Water. Who wouldn’t want that? Still not sure if an instant hot water system is right for your home or budget, speak to Anytime Plumbing Adelaide technician for expert advice on the best water heating solution for your needs.

Our plumbers are professionals and specialists in hot water systems. Being an owner-operated company, be rest assured to get personalised service with Anytime Plumbing Adelaide. John is a fully qualified, professional plumber and licensed gas fitter, which means he can take care of your hot water system work from start to finish.  Do not delay. For any hot water system repair, service and installation job call Anytime Plumbing Adelaide on for fast response and top-rated service.


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