May 19, 2020


The hot water system is an essential but often unnoticed appliance. We rely on them for 24×7 on-demand hot water supply and being a necessity, it is important we must pay attention to repair, maintenance and servicing of hot water systems in our homes.

One big mistake homeowners make is buying a hot water heater system and then simply forgetting about it. As long as there is hot water running in the house, then no one cares about the humble appliance heating it. In this handy guide, we are also providing you with the top best tips and tricks on how to extend your hot water system’s life.

TIP 1: Regular Maintenance Schedule

  • Hot water heater manufacturers always advise users to maintain their appliances regularly.
  • Make sure that you have adhered to the schedule and do not skip the set dates for maintenance no matter what.
  • Get a professional Adelaide plumber for your customised maintenance schedule to help extend your hot water system’s lifespan. 

TIP 2: Inspect Pressure Valve Regularly

  • Another reason why your hot water heater won’t last for long is a faulty pressure valve.
  • For your hot water system Adelaide to operate effectively, the pressure inside the tank must be regulated to safe levels.
  • Over time minerals can collect around the pressure valve, and that would affect its performance. Too much pressure can lead to tank bursting needing a replacement.
  • That is why you should inspect it regularly to clean off minerals building up. Get a professional hot water system expert to regularly clean off mineral deposits.

TIP 3: Manage Temperature

  • Do not leave your hot water temperature unchecked. The hot water heater temperature should never exceed 120 degrees.
  • If it goes over then you will be exposing your hot water tank to high pressure causing the tank to burst or get faulty, hence a reduced lifespan.
  • A licensed plumber will be able to repair your hot water system for you. Call a licensed hot water expert Adelaide if your thermostat is faulty.

TIP 4: Flush the Hot Water Heater Tank Once a Year

  • Flushing the tank is one of the key water heater tips for extending your appliance lifespan.
  • All manufacturers recommend that it should be done at least once a year.
  • Flush your water heater at least once a year to drain sediment.
  • The process is straightforward, and you can do it yourself. However, having a plumbing company do the job is recommended as they will check other faults in your hot water system.

TIP 5: Insulate Your Water Heater

  • Wrapping or insulating the water heater helps to improve efficiency by almost 40% since there is less heat loss.
  • So, the water in the tank remains hot hence less workload for the water heater.
  • Insulation is something that you only have to do once.

TIP 6: Set the Hot Water Heater to Vacation Mode

  • If you are going on vacation, you need to turn your water heater to vacation mode.
  • Vacation mode helps to keep the water in the tank warm. The appliance also consumes less power.
  • The water heater is almost on a zero load at this mode. That is another easy way that you can improve your hot water heater lifespan.

If you need professional help to make your water heater last longer, feel free to call Anytime Plumbing Adelaide.  We are experts in hot water heater systems and offer a range of repair and maintenance services for all hot water system Adelaide types.


Choosing the right hot water system for your needs can be a challenging task. With so many different models, makes and options available in the market today it becomes a daunting task for families to select the one that meets the budget and household hot water needs perfectly. But worry not! If you are a first-time buyer or need extra help, read this guide. We have narrowed down the four main types of hot water systems Adelaide for you:


  • As the name suggests, this type of hot water system is powered by electricity
  • Perfect for a small family of 3-4 persons
  • Hot water on demand
  • One of the most widely used hot water systems in Adelaide
  • Easy to install and convenient to use
  • Compact size and can be installed outdoors
  • Low upfront cost but expensive in the long run
  • Longer recovery time
  • Many reputable brands easily available in the market that buyers can select from


  • Great for large families because of the high recovery rate and rapid heating
  • Runs on natural gas or LPG
  • Two main types available: gas continuous flow and gas hot water cylinder
  • Continuous flow or tankless model is most preferred by residents as it does not require a tank for storage of water
  • Supplies hot water even during a power outage
  • High initial installation cost but a low cost of operation
  • Limitless hot water
  • Great brands and options available to choose from


  • Most eco-friendly option available in water heating
  • This system is powered by solar energy – freely available and renewable
  • Although the initial cost is high, the running cost is almost zero
  • Homeowners can also enjoy various government rebates for going fully green or using a renewable energy source
  • Easy to use and high efficiency
  • Usually fitted with gas or electric fuel booster
  • Require sufficient roof space
  • Cold season or low levels of sunshine can affect the efficiency, hence installed with gas or electric fuel booster


  • Heat pump water heater is one of the most efficient water heating systems in Australia
  • The system works the same way as the heat pump
  • It is a water heater that works by drawing natural heat from the surrounding and use it to heat water
  • High efficiency
  • Very low running costs but high upfront cost
  • Great for a large family
  • Works great in hot areas
  • Longer lifespan


If you need professional help to choose the right hot water system for your Adelaide home, call Anytime Plumbing Adelaide. We are specialists in hot water systems. Our plumbing company is also offering a range of hot water system services including repairs, replacement, installations and regular servicing. Call us any time you need help with your water heater anywhere in Adelaide.

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