Planning DIY Plumbing? Think Twice!

August 25, 2020

DIY or Do-it-yourself projects are great for flatpack furniture or small arts and craft projects around the house.  We understand completing a job by yourself is a proud moment. DIY for household plumbing issues though? Maybe you should think twice. Rather than a quick fix, that’s temporary in nature, leaving plumbing issues to trained and licensed plumbers is the best thing to do. Getting professional Adelaide plumber for all your household or commercial plumbing repairs is actually a quicker and cost-effective solution that often lasts longer. A professional Adelaide plumber would have the relevant experience, the right specialised tools, knowledge about every plumbing issue and how to fix them quickly.

Correctly diagnosing plumbing problems that come up in your kitchen, bathroom, toilet, hot water system Adelaide or gas pipelines is the most crucial first step. Identifying what you think is the problem and working based on just that is not always the right way to proceed. There could be more hidden and pressing plumbing issues in your drains, pipes, hot water tanks and toilets, those needing an urgent and professional plumber Adelaide. Moreover, you may have inadequate tools to get the job done safely. Therefore, always leave all plumbing issues to professionals with experience for a quick and safe outcome. Avoid the potential costs, hazard to property or health and hassle of an even greater job to fix by calling a trusted Adelaide plumber when a plumbing issue arises.


Peace of mind and satisfaction in a plumbing job you know was completed by a professional is far greater. Here are some reasons why you should have a local and trusted plumber’s number on speed dial for unforeseen emergency plumber Adelaide or regular maintenance and repairs:

  • A reliable Adelaide plumber would identify, diagnose and fix any and all plumbing issues
  • Provide free quotes
  • Available 24/7 for burst pipes, no hot water or blocked toilet kind of emergencies
  • Would come equipped with specialised plumbing tools
  • Would have the industry experience and knowledge of all plumbing issues
  • Licensed and fully-trained
  • Local to you, available when you need
  • Would guarantee their work and offer excellent customer service
  • Fast, affordable plumbing solutions that will save you doing it yourself

Being professional, responsive, competent, and qualified is the minimum you should expect when you choose any Adelaide plumbing service.

All these points listed above come as standard when you deal with Anytime Plumbing Adelaide team, so make sure you get the best service from the best team at the best price when you search for a plumber in Adelaide.


It can be easy to forget that household plumbing needs regular maintenance to keep all fixtures, pipes, drains, hot water system and gas lines working efficiently. It is extremely important to ensure you perform ongoing maintenance on your plumbing to prevent an emergency later down the line, which may cost hundreds of dollars more to fix. Let’s look at the benefits of ongoing plumbing maintenance for any household:

Improve Value of Your House

A house that is well maintained with minimal major repairs will have a higher selling price. Your plumbing maintenance and care for the house will be reflected in your house price one day.

Save $$$

If you keep ignoring small plumbing issues they may escalate to become major plumbing emergencies down the line that require emergency service. This can be expensive and stressful. If you regularly maintain your plumbing system you will less likely face an emergency repair in the future saving you money and the hassle.

Safeguard Your Family’s Health

Leaking water pipe causing structural and water damage may become hazardous to your property and the health of your family. Moisture is an excellent location for mold and bacteria to thrive. If your plumbing is not adequately draining water then it is a sign of a looming bigger problem. So, performing consistent maintenance on your plumbing ensures water is flowing efficiently both in and out of your home while safeguarding your property and the health of your family members.


So, for all your big or small plumbing needs call John of Anytime Plumbing on 0499 913 174. We are prompt, proficient, and reliable and can repair your plumbing issues across Adelaide and all metro areas, with competent and same day service.

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